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We're all about making programming fundamentals accessible and fun for kids using a range of engaging methods. Our approach involves introducing concepts through entertaining games, interactive animations, and hands-on projects. By integrating gamification elements, we turn learning into a playful and immersive experience. Kids get to dive into coding concepts by crafting their own games, animations, and interactive projects, giving them the chance to put what they learn into practice in a practical and enjoyable way. Through these creative and dynamic activities, we aim to build a solid foundation in programming fundamentals while fostering a genuine passion for coding!

Scratch Junior

Scratch Junior serves as the gateway for kids to dive into the world of coding. This vibrant and visual platform empowers them to craft interactive stories and games using a palette of colorful blocks. Through hands-on experiences, youngsters grasp the fundamentals of programming, such as sequencing, events, and loops, all while enjoying an engaging and playful learning journey.

Scratch 3.0

Breaking it down into two levels, we start with Beginner Scratch, where kids delve into the fundamental aspects of coding. They learn the art of sequencing, master the creation of loops for repetitions, utilize events for interactions, and apply conditional statements for decision-making. These foundational concepts not only equip young learners with essential coding skills but also foster problem-solving abilities. The journey involves unleashing their creativity through crafting animated stories, all within a visually rich and enjoyable environment.


Our Introduction to HTML/CSS in Web Development is a foundational course designed to arm students with essential skills for crafting and designing websites. In this course, students dive into the world of HTML to master the structuring of web content, and then seamlessly transition into CSS to add style and formatting. The curriculum covers a spectrum of topics, including crafting webpages, incorporating text, images, and links, and applying CSS for layout and design. It's a comprehensive journey that empowers students with the tools they need to bring their web development ideas to life.

Introduction to Python Programming

Python, a programming language celebrated for its versatility and power, takes center stage in this course designed for kids. The journey begins with the basics, covering fundamental concepts like data types, variables, and control structures. As the course unfolds, kids delve into more advanced topics such as functions, libraries, and object-oriented programming, equipping them with the skills to tackle a diverse range of real-world problems. Python's adaptability shines through, making it an ideal choice for web development, data analysis, machine learning, and beyond.

Scratch 3.0 completion is a prerequisite for this course

AI & Robotics

We open the doors to the captivating realm of AI and robotics for kids through interactive and engaging programs. Our curriculum goes beyond theory, featuring hands-on projects that enable students to design and construct their own robots, infused with cutting-edge AI technologies such as machine learning and computer vision. In age-appropriate activities, students delve into the principles underlying robotics and gain firsthand experience in programming robots to execute specific tasks. Our approach encourages creativity and problem-solving, empowering kids to grasp the vast potential of AI and robotics, all while igniting a passion for innovation.

Introduction to AI

In the Introduction to AI course, kids embark on a thrilling adventure into the realm of Artificial Intelligence. Over the span of 10 classes, they delve into the basics of machine learning, uncovering how AI fuels real-life applications such as face detection, NLP, GPT, object detection, hand pose classification, and more. Through interactive projects, they not only understand the intricacies of AI but also witness firsthand how this technology is shaping our future.

Scratch 3.0 completion is a prerequisite for this course

Introduction to Robotics

In this course, young minds immerse themselves in the thrilling world of hardware computing, utilizing the BBC micro:bit and Arduino platforms. They not only construct and program robots but also design interactive gadgets, delving into the fundamental realms of electronics and coding. The hands-on experience includes creating devices such as smart weather stations and personalized game controllers, fostering a unique blend of creativity and technological innovation.

Scratch 3.0 completion is a prerequisite for this course

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