5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend Our Science Camps

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May 20, 2020
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June 6, 2020

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend Our Science Camps

The children are out of school for 2 months. They need to keep their brains active and stimulated to reduce the regression that may occur during this long holiday. The more children learn and keep their brains positively occupied over the holiday the less time it will take for them to regain their academic skills in January. Although our holiday camps are fun, they will help your child continue to think, reason and problem solve. This helps continue cognitive growth which is important for continued academic success.

These are the reasons why your child should attend our holiday science camps from Ages 6 to 19 years.

  1. We Make Learning Fun

Science Camps allow children to learn outside the classroom and without the pressure of being graded through exams. Activities are structured to be fun learning experiences. The complicated science concepts will be simplified through fun learning. The ability to be able to learn computer programming will be easy to understand by creating their games and codes.

  1. They will learn Team Work

Science camps give children the experience of working in teams. Success in anycareer field depends not only on skill in the field but the ability to work with other people. The interactive sessions will require the children to form friendships that will enable them to undertake science experiments.

  1. Learning will be experimental

Science Camps allow children to obtain hands-on experience in a career field they’ve shown interest in especially in the STEM field. If your child doesn’t know what they want to be yet, such camps are a great way to start testing out different career fields. Our sessions are always interactive and improve a child’s skills. When they leave camp, they will have a portfolio of projects and accomplishments. For teenagers, this is an amazing time to discover if a field in Science is a career they would choose.

  1. They will gain more confidence and self-esteem

Working in teams and even being a team leader will help boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem. Also, children will gain confidence when challenging themselves in activities at levels beyond the classroom. Gaining important STEM skills will enable the children to gain confidence in this particular area.

  1. Occupies the Holiday

As a parent, you have probably said this more than once during the holiday, “I have to work!”. Well, there is nothing wrong with this phrase as it is entirely true. Instead of getting worried about what your child is doing at a home, enrolling them in a camp that seeks to enrich them mentally and psychologically. When schools close, children need a place to go where they can develop their intellectual skills, create long-lasting friendships, and still have fun. Remember, going to a Science Camp isn’t just a “parking spot” for children.

We hope this list has helped you decide to sign your children up for our Science camps. No matter what kind of session you will choose, remember, they will be learning, growing, and creating memories all while having fun.

Click this link for a detailed list of our sessions or have a look at our posters for more information.