Science Workshops

Our science workshops, conducted at the centre, are available for children from ages 6 to 16 years. Through the combined use of interactive experiments and life sized exhibits, the science experience is enhanced and curiosity is provoked building enthusiasm and a keen interest for science. The workshops are tailored for all schooling systems.

Partnering with schools through running science clubs

With our school program, we run the science clubs through the semester and practically supplement the theory that has been taught through the exciting interactive and engaging experiences.

Co-ordination and delivery of science days/science week for schools

We work with the schools and homeschool groups to organise science days where we introduce a certain topic in a fun way. We also organise science fairs and projects that students have been working on are showcased, and the winning ones receive prizes.

Coding club

Every weekend is an exciting time for our young coders. We introduce programming in a fun way to children aged from 7 to 16 years through a 10-week programme that is delivered at the centre on Saturday morning. We also partner with schools to deliver the Coding Club to students.

Science exhibitions to the public

We organise science exhibitions for the public to encourage the children embrace science, stimulate innovation and consider future careers in science disciplines.

Science Shows

We offer exciting forty five minute shows to engage and provoke the audience’s curiosity through science experiments. These shows can be attended by both adults and children of all ages.

Field trips

Discovery Centre offers customized field trips for students to learn through demonstrations focusing on different aspects of science.

Holiday Camps

For all education systems, we tailor holiday programs that run for three hours in the mornings and afternoons every day. Every week during these program, we unpack and communicate a science topic in a fun way for our students. Sessions run in the morning and afternoon