Coding club is about literally teaching the computers how to do their work, not the other way around, and having fun while at it.

We learn how a computer thinks, and also teach it how to do what we want

Because it makes life easier and some pretty cool stuff (like apps or a smart home) can be done through coding.

If the child is within our locale(5km radius), transport can be arranged. Otherwise the child can be picked and dropped. (Uber could work pretty well :z0 )

Yes we do.. Yaay!

Mpesa Paybill NO: 833765
ACC NAME:Child's Full Name.
Cheques and bank transfers are accepted.

Generally we have 3 areas

	1. Scratch (We literally start from scratch :) )
		for those who have  little or no knowledge of programming. Concepts of programming introduced
		4 Levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert.
	From scratch depending on the child's area of interest (Hardware or Software) we move to different programming languages.

	if (Hardware){
		//Introduction to programming using C programming Language

		//After a firm grasp of C
		//Programming microcontrollers with c
		//Making actual working projects

	elif (software):
		#Introduction to programming using python programming Language :)

		#After a firm grasp, Start on
		#Software projects with real life application (automation, H/W interfacing or DATA)

Kids from 6yrs old onwards to 20 years.

Prerequsites: Switching a computer on and off and a positive attitude :)

No we don't. We request parents to pack snacks for the children.